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A Most Suitable Plot

Our cabaret whodunnit all begin with a short opening scene before guests begin the first course of their meal. This sets up the murder mystery. Throughout the meal the suspects interact with the guests. Between courses short scenes stir the plot. Depending on your choice of storyline there may be a short cabaret of ballad and comedy numbers before the whodunit is resolved and a champagne prize given to the winning team of guests.

All mysteries are great fun and come completely self-contained with champagne prize, clue sheets, sound and lighting. We are an all-professional company with a guarantee of experience and expertise. Accommodation, meal and mileage may be required depending on location.

CABARET-WHODUNNITS – from £650 - £2,250.

Mrs Fox: Murder, Mystery & Knitting
Mrs Fox was murdered last Wednesday. Today the audience bring the homicide investigation to life.... and death. Beware the pickled damson! Everything necessary to solve this mystery is given to the audience and they are “stars” as they re -enact the case histories. (2 actors)

The Butler Did It
Five Famous Butlers have gone into show business Their last gig before they perform in Las Vegas is for your company... will it be is it their last gig ever? Detective Sergeant Butler arrives to help solve an unfortunate murder. Can the show go on? Cabaret consists of Broadway musical numbers. Suitable up to 150 people. (5 actors)

Cookie's Couch of Confession
Cookie is the glamorous hostess of the hit cable TV program: a chat show chanteuse who dares to care and share the troubled lives of her audience. Today's controversial topic is "I Was Accused of Murder"... but today's the day that Cookie crumbles. (4 actors)

A dangerous mix of spy-mastery and arch-villainy, glamorous characters, ingenious gadgets, exotic locations and steamy one-liners - you’ll need your wits about you. (5 actors)