The Original Solution

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You are invited to join us in the Library where you will discover the secret of great entertainment.

Made-to-measure mysteries and other bespoke possibilities...

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You want to make a killing with your next event – that’s your motive. We look forward to hearing from you.

A cabaret-whodunnit starts in pre-dinner drinks, progresses throughout the meal and climaxes during a first class after-dinner cabaret.

You choose the crime and place.

The Original Solution

Made-to-measure mysteries and other bespoke possibilities...

Ah! You've found the secret...

If you are searching for unique and unusual corporate entertainment ideas then you are to be congratulated on finding G&T Productions (including Murder On The Menu).

G and T has many more corporate ideas than you might expect for a company that built its reputation on exciting and entertaining range of challenging murder mystery weekends, murder nights, murder mystery evenings and murder mystery dinners…. and other corporate cabaret entertainment ideas are all delivered with style, wit and sophisticated cabaret.

You can indulge yourselves and your company with unique bespoke entertainments, designed and created for your specific needs.

G&T (including Murder On The Menu) is celebrating eighteen years in the corporate entertainment industry this year. We have the professional experience and corporate entertainment ideas to take the murder and the mystery out of your team-building, conference celebration or incentive event. Have you ever thought about doing a Murder on the Orient-Express? We’ve been doing it for a decade.

If you are looking for unusual and unique Corporate Entertainment ideas in London, the whole of the UK or Western Europe then all the clues lead to G& T and Murder On The Menu – and you’ve found us. Have a good look around while you here. It’s a pleasure to have your company.

You'll find Roman Follies, Old Time Music Hall, The Omigoshkers (our version of the Oscars) ye Banquets o' Misrule, Forties Blitz (with Stars In Your Eyes’ Vera Lynn), Murders on the Orient-Express, Mission Improbable, a Pirate Party, Dramatised Training Messages, Bespoke Interaction, Dinner Theatre, Made To Measure Improvisations, Role Play and, of course, a wide range of entertaining murder mystery weekends, murder nights, murder mystery evenings and murder mystery dinners…. and other great corporate entertainment ideas and world-class cabaret.