A cabaret-whodunnit starts with pre-dinner drinks, progresses throughout the meal and climaxes during a first class after-dinner cabaret. There is a champagne prize for the winning detectives. It’s a complete, self-contained evening of dinner, dinner-theatre, cabaret and murder. That’s the nuts and bolts of it, but there are many variations designed to suit your needs.

Many people fear that a murder mystery will, in some way, be humiliating. Murder on the Menu cannot answer for the methodology of other mystery companies (especially those using non-professional performers), but we can assure you that the performer/audience interface in our cabaret-whodunnits doesn’t work that way. Audience participation is generally limited to light-hearted interrogation of the murder suspects, unless our client has specifically requested a more active involvement in the entertainment and, even then, each participant is consulted before continuing.

You won’t be gathered together in the library, the diner next to you won’t collapse into the soup, and it won’t last all weekend (unless you really ask for it) - that’s murder mythery.

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