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“The attention to detail was second to none”
Reviewed 6 October 2015
WE were given tickets for the Murder Mystery Lunch by our son for our birthday treats. From the minute we arrived at the lounge adjacent to Platform 2 to the final goodbyes later that afternoon we had smiles on our faces that said it all. Nothing was too much trouble for the attendants who were friendly, courteous and knowledgeable, The glass of champagne set the tone for the day as we settled into our winged armchairs at a table for two. To be aboard a carriage restored from a bygone age was an experience in itself. The lunch was excellent and beautifully presented. The "actors" for the Murder Mystery were a hoot and there was much laughter amongst us travellers as we interacted with them. None of us guessed whodunnit but what the heck. The journey through the Kent countryside passed in a flash. A taste of the Orient Express- fantastic.
Visited October 2015

“Treat yourself, you're worth it”
Reviewed 27 June 2015
Murder on the Orient Express 5 star fun.
Arrived at the lounge at Victoria Station to be met by the beautiful carriages of the Orient Express. The staff are impeccable. Nothing anyone in our carriage asked for was too much trouble. The food was excellent as were the fine wines and champagne.
Then you add the entertainment of the suspects in the murder mystery all played out by actors, each with a story to tell.
Grand day out. Will be going with Belmond again.

“What a way to travel . . .”
Reviewed 4 May 2015
My wife and I have just returned from our Murder Mystery Tour on the Belmond Pullman. In short, we thought it was a SUPER experience, from start to finish!
The initial booking arrangements were simple and uncomplicated. Laura, one of the Belmond ‘Travel Consultants’, also handled some last minute arrangements and mail exchanges with great courtesy and care (thanks Laura).
We arrived at the station early, just as the office was opening and we were greeted by each of the ladies at the desk as truly ‘welcome guests’, even though this was our first time to travel with Belmond.
As we waited for the train to arrive into the station the cast of the Murder Tour came in to the waiting area, dressed in their costumes, and mingled with everyone. Some people seemed quite ‘surprised’ at first, especially when some slightly acerbic comments were delivered ‘down the nose’ at them (from the ‘lady of the manor’ to the poor ‘working class people’ waiting to go on the trip), but I thought it was great fun, and it really set you ‘in the scene’ for what was to come!
We travelled in carriage Audrey, and it was BEAUTIFUL, with comfortable armchairs, rich furnishings and superb marquetry panelling. Everything was styled from the 1920s/30s and it had a very ‘art deco’ feel to it (which may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I love it!). The carriage itself, and the low number of passengers per carriage (only 20 in total in Audrey) really give you the space and the surroundings fit for the occasion!
A special thanks to Roy, who took care of us in Audrey he was great, chatting happily, filling glasses as required and all-in-all making sure his passengers wanted for nothing.
Lunch started with a glass of champagne, followed by 5 delicious courses (and a bottle of wine per table), all served as we wandered around the Kent countryside at a leisurely speed. The crab starter and the lamb were really lovely, as was the selection of cheese.

During the journey each carriage received ‘visits’ from various members of the cast, providing clues, answering questions, and helping the passengers solve the riddle of the dastardly murder! At the end of the day, two small prizes were awarded per carriage for the best answers, if not for the most accurate of ‘detectives’!
If I could give the experience a precise star rating it would probably be 4.95 out of 5 - just a tiny bit short of the full 5!. That sounds harsh, and the 'missing' bits were only because of tiny little things, but . . . . . although free (which is nice!) the coffee in a paper cup when you arrive, and the sugar in paper sachets on the table, provide tiny but somewhat obviously ‘jarring’ elements in an otherwise fabulous 1930’s experience!
Other than that . . brilliant, and as was said by others, "It's the only way to travel"!

“Murder Mystery Lunch”
Reviewed 22 March 2015
We spent an excellent afternoon on the Belmond British Pullman having lunch whislt travelling through the Kent countryside. The staff were very friendly, polite and efficient. The food was excellent and the murder mystery was as hammy as it could be. All good fun and a very enjoyable afternoon.

“A great round trip Murder evening”
Reviewed 28 February 2015
Invited to evening on the Orient Express, for a trip around Kent etc for Dinner, and try ad solve a Murder Mystery.
Our coach Pheonix, was very attractive in authenic Choc/Cream livery and we were shown to a table with two armchairs as our seats. essentially as a party of seven we feared the seating plan would have been tough, but it worked well
The food was good, service probably better and some of the best we have had. Great wines and a very entertaining evening arriving back at Victoria 4 hours after we left with a warm glow. a great evening
Visited February 2015

Murder Mystery Excursion”
Reviewed 26 February 2015
Great fun and a fabulous journey on a really beautiful train. The food was wonderful and the staff extremely courteous and attentive. Made us feel like royalty.

“Marvellous murder mystery experience”
Reviewed 20 November 2014
My husband had booked this extravagance for my recent birthday. It was a really unique experience and one that we would definitely recommend.
A word of warning, don't wait to visit the toilet until you arrive at the check in lounge at London Victoria station. Everyone has the same idea and there is just one Unisex toilet there, a long queue was the result. Aside from that the experience was excellent. The murder mystery acting team are very convincing and time their interactions very carefully between the food service. There are prizes for people who guess the culprit correctly but we failed miserably - miss marple has nothing to fear from us!
The food was delicious - 5 courses, no choice shown on the menu but we were offered the chance to say if there was anything we wouldn't eat and the chef would provide an alternative.
Our steward Matt was very efficient and friendly- in fact all the staff we met were most professional. And as for the splendour of the carriages - well you just need to see them for yourself!
Visited November 2014

“An unforgettable experience”
Reviewed 14 February 2014
We feel so privileged to have experience a journey on board the British Pullman.
The Murder mystery starts as soon as you board, and it keeps you busy the whole journey, we even found it difficult to eat our food we were so enthralled in finding the murderer!
The actors are charming and we had a great laugh with them. We actually laughed the whole journey!
The staff is just perfect and the 5 course meal is a real treat.
I would like to say a special thank you to the whole crew who worked on Friday 7th Feb. 2 of us were delayed in Gatwick because of a train breakdown and my sister told the staff we might not make it on time. They cheered us on the whole way (we had to run from the bus station to the orient express platform) and waited for us with welcoming smiles even though we delayed the train.
We recommend this journey for any train lover, adventure lover, or anyone wanting to spend a fantastic time with amazing people.
Visited February 2014